Our Association

Our diverse, vibrant and committed school community is one of the great strengths of SIS. Students, teachers, parents, staff and alumni work together to enrich our school life and make sure that our association continues to thrive.

Blending knowledge, expertise, creativity and understanding, the SIS faculty and staff strive to make an impact on the lives of our students and families. Our teachers are dedicated to our students, encouraging them to reach their full potential, helping them obtain excellent academic results and preparing them to be responsible citizens equipped for the world of tomorrow. Our Board of Directors is made up of volunteer parents who serve as stewards of our association’s educational mission and financial health in order to ensure long-term growth and success.

Living and learning in a community which is rich in diversity leads our students to appreciate and accept difference, making them adept at navigating our global environment. The drive for academic excellence and the variety of extra-curricular opportunities combine to produce students who are educationally fulfilled and accordingly, who can make positive choices and succeed at a variety of endeavors.

Parents work tirelessly to make SIS an exciting and innovative place to learn, whether by volunteering for one of our events, speaking at conferences and assemblies, welcoming new parents, volunteering for career fairs, or working for our Gala, Garden Party, Wine and Käse and other events.

Alumni are an increasingly vital force in the community, lending their experience and expertise to a variety of our events and counselling our high school students on how to navigate post-secondary education.


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Par : Cornell-Pouret le 04/12/2019