SIS offers students the opportunity to take school trips and participate in exchange programmes. In keeping with our commitment to cultural diversity and internationalism, SIS arranges a number of language and cultural exchanges and tours during the academic year.  Students are also encouraged to participate in immersion programmes or exchanges during school holidays.



Students in troisième (Year 10 / 9th grade) and seconde (Year 11 / 10th grade) can participate in a 4 to 6 week exchange programme in Australia.  SIS students travel to Australia in the summer after the school year and their Australian exchange students come to France the following December. In both Australia and France, part of the exchange takes place during the school holidays and part of the exchange takes at the host school so that the students have the opportunity to witness firsthand a new academic environment. During the holiday segment of the exchange, the families commit to showing their host student local sights and other areas of the country.  Click here to read a student testimonial.

United States

Students in Première (Year 12 / 11th grade) can participate in an exchange programme with the Lycée Interational de Los Angeles (LILA). The American students visit Paris in the Spring with their French Literature teacher and our students travel to LA during the October school holidays.

Job Shadowing

In 3 ème (Year 10 / 9th grade) students are required by the French national curriculum to do a job shadowing experience at a specific time during the school year. SIS students are allowed to travel abroad for this experience. For more information, contact our office.

Documents which need to be prepared for foreign job shadowing experience (in French)


Useful Addresses

Nos professeurs et parents recommandent des adresses en Allemagne, aux USA et en Angleterre pour organiser des séjours pendant les vacances scolaires. N'hésitez pas à nous faire part de toute expérience réussie ou non.   Contact us

 to organise exhanges

 to organise linguistic trips or summer camps


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