Enrolments for the school year 2020-2021 will start as from December 2019.

Thank you for the interest you have shown in our association SIS Paris Ouest, present at Boulogne, Chaville, Saint-Cloud and Sèvres! You have taken the time to discover the different programmes we offer, let us now guide you through the admissions process.

All candidates will take an entrance test to evaluate their aptitude in the language of the section chosen.  May we remind you that all candidates applying for our Integrated programme must be proficient in both written and oral French.

To enrol your child for the test :

  1. You must complete one application per child on line, whether applying for the Integrated and/or Extension programme. You will then be asked to upload the following documents: a cover letter from the parents, either in the language of the section or in French, the school reports from the previous school year and the first one from the current year (as soon as it is available).  Attention, any incomplete applications will not be examined.
  2. Once you have completed your application on line, you will receive an email acknowledging its receipt with a payment link.
  3. You must then pay the application fee.  The fee is 155€ per child for an on-site test.  For candidates already enrolled in our Extension programme wishing to apply for the Integrated programme, the fee is 105€.  From CM1 (Y5/K4) upwards, your child is eligible for a distance test.  The fee is 280€ per child.  Application fees are non refundable.

The Tests :

On-site testing takes place at one of our partner schools.  For distance tests, the written part will be organised and overlooked by your child's current school.  The oral part will be organised by rendez-vous between you and one of our teachers via Skype.

Test results:

  • For the Integrated programme : after each test session, the candidate's files, as well as the test results, are examined by an Admissions Departmental jury during a commission, chaired by the Direction Académique.  Other participants are the partner school heads, the respective mayors (for Primary candidates only), the inspectors of  l'Education Nationale and representatives from SIS Paris Ouest. The Direction Académique pronounces the final admission of all candidates.
  • For the Extension programme : after each test session, the files and the test results are examined by an internal SIS Paris Ouest jury.
  • For both programmes, families are informed of results within 1 month following the juries.  Parents are informed individually by email.  No results will be given by telephone.

ATTENTION : From the 6ème (Y7) upwards, if your child has been outside of the French National Education system for 2 years or more (non-contractual schools, international schools), please contact in parallel the "Direction des services départementaux de l'Education nationale" to find out what formalities are required.

Coordonnées DSDEN des Hauts-de-Seine (92) :  Centre administratif départemental, 167/177 Avenue Joliot-Curie, 92013 Nanterre cedex 

Coordonnées DSDEN des Yvelines (78) : Accueil du public 19 Avenue du Centre, 78280 Guyancourt ou  Adresse Postale BP100, 78053 Saint-Quentin en Yvelines Cedex

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