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International Library

A large collection of fiction and nonfiction books in English and German as well as magazines are available to students in a designated area of the high school library. Students may borrow books or consult them at the library. A sizable collection of films is also on offer.

Summer Reading and Projects

We encourage our students to immerse themselves in English or German during the summer holidays. They should take advantage of opportunities which allow them to improve their fluency and brush up on their literary skills by reading in English or German. Our teachers have prepared a summer reading list appropriate for each level. Students will be assessed on their summer reading/projets in September. Click on your section below. 


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➡️ Books to buy 2022-2023 (Anglophone Section)

Please select your group below and order the books for the rentrée:

Lycée: Terminale SI Group

Lycée: BFI programme (2e & 1e) + Terminale OIB


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