Throughout the year, a variety of events are organised by and for the SIS community. These events provide our parents with opportunities to get involved, to meet other families and to share their time and talents with our dynamic community. 

Our Main Events​

  • The Garden Party -  a Sunday in September 

    Organised at the nautical centre located next to the Pont de Sèvres, our annual Garden Party is a great way to kick off the school year. SIS families get the opportunity to meet new families, see friends and make plans for the school year while enjoying a picnic by the river Seine. Grab a drink or snack at one of our concession stands, purchase secondhand books in English or German while the children play games with their fellow classmates.

  • Wine & Käse - a Friday evening in November 

A wine and cheese tasting evening for SIS parents at one of our municpal locations. An opportunity to get acquainted with other parents at this popular annual event.

  • German Section Play - a Friday evening in November

    One of the highlights of the school year for our German section families. Students have the opportunity to put on a full scale production under the direction of their German teachers to the delight and applause of their friends and familes. 

  • Primary Christmas Party  - a Wednesday in December 

Shows, songs and snacks especially prepared for the youngest members of SIS and their families. A magic moment for both our Wednesday School pupils and our Integrated Primary English section pupils. 

  • The « PLAY » - 2 evenings in March or April 

A fantastic, full-scale production prepared and directed by SIS teachers involving over a hundred SIS secondary school students. This family event should not be missed.

 For more information about volunteering at SIS, contact >> benevolat


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