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SIS Paris Ouest present in Boulogne, Saint-Cloud and Sèvres!

Founded in 1960 under the auspices of the International Centre for Pedagogical Studies (CIEP), SIS Paris Ouest is one of the oldest international sections in France.

We are a rare example of collaboration between the French public education system and a parents’ association.  Enrolling at SIS Paris Ouest today not only gives your children the opportunity to grow up and evolve in a dual learning system from an early age but also prepares them to become internationally-minded citizens capable of adapting to the ever-changing global environment!

Thanks to our native-language programmes that complement the classical French curriculum, we offer different perspectives through literature and history-geography. Students develop their curiosity for cross-cultural issues, comparing the values and customs of French, German and English-speaking countries to finally form their own vision. Our goal is to provide an education enriched by multicultural and social diversity, respecting the ideas of others and allowing them to flourish and affirm their personality. This goes far beyond just teaching quality native-language classes.

We accomplish this goal by offering a curriculum which focuses on our students, allowing them to play an active role in the learning process thanks to our internationally-trained teachers and numerous extra-curricular activities such as singing, theatre and trips while respecting the requirements of the French education system.  The academics are rigorous and the programme is  demanding but our students receive individual support from our team.  Our “savoir-faire” is based on maintaining a judicious balance between all these factors, proof of which are the excellent results at the International Bac Option (O.I.B) that our students get every year!

SIS Paris Ouest is also a family-based education where parents are very much involved. Their commitment outside the classroom is essential for the children's success. Parents strive to use the languages of our sections at home as well as participating in the life of our association by organising and animating many events.

Our community reflects our globalised world as much by its diversity as by the richness of its students and their parents, the teachers and the administrative team. Diverse nationalities work and study side-by-side, exchanging ideas, growing together with the common goal of preparing our students to become young professionals ready to make the world their playground.

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Par : Cornell-Pouret le 19/08/2021

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