What is the role of the host school?

What about SIS? 

For our Extension programmes on Wednesday afternoons, SIS is in charge of the entire programme. 

For our Integrated programmes (Primary School, Middle School and High School), our students are students of both SIS and our host schools. Therefore, there are different roles for each entity.  

SIS does not manage :

- classes (deciding which your child is assigned to),
- class schedules, 
- student absences (contact the "vie scolaire" of the host school),
- teacher absences (those who are employed by the National Education),
- administrative information about the national classes,
- cafeteria and other pratical information about school life

ROLE of the "CPE" officer (conseiller pédagogique d’éducation) in the "vie scolaire" office : person who handles problems outside the classroom. The CPE is there to help the students find solutions to problems and enhance their school experience. 

SIS manages :

- 6 to 8 hours of instruction in Language, Literature, History and Geography by our native tongue teaching staff,

- extra-curricular activities in English or German such as the Play or HMCE,

- entrance tests for our programmes,

- the international libraries,

- college counselling for the UK, Canada, US and Germany.

Our parents are all members of the association and are encouraged to get involved. To find out more about our events click here. 

Par : C.Dray le 19/11/2018


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