Summer Reading Lycée

Lycée Summer Project 2022

With the introduction of the BFI (Baccalauréat Français Internationale) from the rentrée of 2022, the SIS has redesigned the traditional ‘Summer Reading’ for lycée-level students into a skills-based assessment called the ‘Summer Project’. 

Each year group has been assigned a path of reflection, taken from the Connaissance Du Monde syllabus of the BFI and will explore a variety of cultural sources. Students will:

  • read one novel,
  • watch a talk or film/ listen to a podcast
  • research the work of a contemporary artist.

By the end of the summer, students are expected to create a short video of 3-5 minutes which answer the two questions linked to their path of reflection.

The videos will be graded on:

  1. Detailed knowledge of the cultural sources, with specific references to the text, the talk/film, the work of the artist.
  2. Thoughtful and insightful comments on the cultural importance of the mixed media they have explored.
  3. Their personal engagement with these cultural sources: their ability to analyse, reflect and draw links.
  4. Clarity of oral communication and structured speech.

Please note that the grade will be included in first semester ‘bulletin’ as an assignment in English Language and Literature. Students must submit the video within the first fortnight following the rentrée. We recommend that students not leave this project to the last minute – they will need to make time for the reading and research and for their ideas to take shape!

The aim of the Summer Project, and the aim of the Connaissance du Monde syllabus, is to hone students’ key skills of close and critical reading, research, study and effective communication, whilst developing their awareness of global perspectives through the prism of the cultural characteristics of our section.

➡️ Please don't forget to ORDER the books on the previous page that will be used in class during the upcoming school year >> see list

The English Department wishes you a great summer and we look forward to seeing your videos in September!

>> Summer project list 


Reading, Reading, and More Reading!

Success on the IGCSE and OIB depends, in no small measure, on a student's fluency and range of vocabulary.  There is no better way to gain fluency in English than by reading.  Students MUST get in the habit of regular reading: not only novels, but also news articles (eg. Guardian website), short stories, biographies, history, travel writing, etc.

You may also enjoy exploring podcasts on BBC radio about topics and authors you will be studying in English class : . Another source for general culture and current issues is NPR Podcasts: .


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