Summer reading lycée

Lycée Summer Reading Assignments 2019 


Welcome to new students and the SIS tradition of holiday reading!  

  • All students must purchase and read the following books over the summer.
  • Highlight interesting passages and take notes as you read through the novels.  
  • There will be a test on the reading at the “Rentrée" in September.


All students entering Seconde:

Station Eleven, by Emily St. John Mandel

The Talented Mr Ripley, by Patricia Highsmith


Students entering Première Cambridge:

Exit West, by Mohsin Hamid

Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley (1818 edition): Oxford World’s Classics


Students entering Première OIB:

Young Romantics: The Shelleys, Byron and Other Tangled Lives,  by Daisy Hay 

Exit West, by Mohsin Hamid


All students entering Terminale:

Melmoth, by Sarah Perry 

Hag-Seed,  by Margaret Atwood

*Terminales OIB will also be set an OIB essay question on one of the set texts studied in Première (Sense & Sensibility/Rosencrantz & Guildenstern, Byron), so alongside their summer reading, they will need to review their notes and revisit the texts for the rentrée.


Reading, Reading, and More Reading!

Success on the IGCSE and OIB depends, in no small measure, on a student's fluency and range of vocabulary.  There is no better way to gain fluency in English than by reading.  Students MUST get in the habit of regular reading: not only novels, but also news articles (eg. Guardian website), short stories, biographies, history, travel writing, etc.

You may also enjoy exploring podcasts on BBC radio about topics and authors you will be studying in English class : . Another source for general culture and current issues is NPR Podcasts: .


With all best wishes for an enjoyable summer from the English Department,

Betty Lau-Vanchet

Head of English



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