School trip to OECD

Catherine Potter’s CM2 ‘integrated’ class in Sèvres attended a Food Waste conference at the OECD. Isabella Lillis-Parsons wrote a summary of the class trip.

We were invited to go to the OECD for a talk on food waste. When we arrived at the OECD I expected a modern building with loads of big rooms but there were loads of people sharing space. When we began the talk we had a sort of portable headphone to listen to people better. There were three people presenting the topic. We talked about how much food we waste every month and how much water we use for food. We then talked about how to reduce our consummation and also reduce food waste. Then we talked about 9 easy ways and tips to reduce food waste. We then wrapped up and gave back the headphones and they gave us flyers of what we talked about.


Par : C.Dray le 07/07/2017


Joseph Hanlon (1re) won first prize in his category
April 18th and 19th at 7:30 pm in Boulogne
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