Post-bac UK, Canada, USA & Science-Po for Premières

Matinée Post-bac pour les Premières 

10h Lycée, Bât A, salle de conférence

Première is a critical year for preparing your post-bac projects. This presentation is INDISPENSIBLE for starting off on the right foot for your applications in the fall of Terminale. 

The morning will be focussed on:

  • How to research and choose the right universities to apply to in the UK, Canada and USA 
  • What are the different application processes of each of the Anglophone destinations? 
  • How the SIS post-bac advising team will support you in your choosing your universities and the application process
  • Science-Po for students of sections internationales  

Students and parents from both sections (Anglophone and German) are invited to attend. Presentations will be made in English.

The SIS advising team will be present as well as our partners Caroline Bouffard, US colleges consultant, and Bespoke Education (SAT/ACT preparation).

Par : B. Lau-Vanchet le 11/09/2019


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