Poetry By Heart 2019

Bouyed on by previous student success at the national Poetry by Heart competition, we are excited to be entering it once again and are currently seeking students to represent our school.

What is Poetry by Heart?

Poetry By Heart is a poetry-reading competition for pupils from 3ème to Terminale. Contestants recite two poems by heart, chosen from an online Anthology.

Our in-house competition takes place on Wednesday 9 January at 5:15 pm at the Lycée.
Our SIS champions – one from each level will then go on to the national finals in Paris, on Saturday 23rd March 2019

How do I sign up?

Contact Mrs Crétaigne: for further details. She will need your name, class and two chosen poems from the Poetry by Heart timeline (one pre-1914; one post 1914) before Friday 21st December. 

How do I prepare?

Take a look at the performance gallery on the website to gain an idea of expectations :

Above all though, make the poem your own.

Par : Cornell-Pouret le 12/11/2018


La 14e édition de notre Forum des anciens aura lieu le jeudi 20 décembre      
Wednesday 19 December 6 pm at the SEL in Sèvres
Les formulaires d'inscription sont disponibles. Inscrivez-vous pour nos réunions d'information.  

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