Jenny Bateman-Irish

Wednesday Programme Teacher

Jenny Bateman-Irish is from Norfolk, England and studied languages (M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies/B.A. in Turkish Language and Culture) at the School of Oriental Studies, University of London. She has a background in international publishing, having worked across in all aspects of the business while based in London and Dubai. In 2010, Jenny moved with her French husband and son to Paris, where her focus turned to coaching a new generation of English language speakers. She enjoys teaching P4 as part of the SIS Wednesday program and also works independently as a copywriter and coach to adults in digital and creative agencies across the city.


What does she like about SIS?

"I love the positive community feel. My son is in the Primary Wednesday Programme and I can't think of a better way to give him a sense of what it's like to be at school in the UK."

What is her Teaching style?

"I put a strong emphasis on confidence building, creativity and 'thinking outside of the box'. I like to mix and match traditional and inquiry-based learning techniques."


Par : C.Dray le 08/02/2016


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