Harvard Model Congress

Harvard Model Congress Europe or H.M.C.E. is a simulation of the United States government and some of the international organizations with which it interacts. Each year the conference is held in a major European city such as Madrid and Rome. HMCE seeks to provide an unparalleled educational experience for talented secondary school students from around the world. Hundreds of delegates from high schools around the world will work together to address numerous challenges facing both the United States and the international community. At HMCE, students will discuss issues, draft policy, and attempt to pass legislation by the end of the conference.

Additionally, HMCE offers an exciting opportunity for students to practice public speaking and policy writing in English. Our conference has always accommodated students with varying degrees of English ability, from native speakers to students continuing to develop and refine their language skills. The global diversity of HMCE's particpants and staff offers delegates the unique opportunity to approach challenging issues from many different perspectives. The goal is to ensure that students gain substantive new knowledge and learn valuable skills that will help them confront the types of challenges that any society must face.

Students learn a great deal both from the program curricula and from engaging with one another, and they develop argumentation and public speaking skills as they become more comfortable in presenting original ideas to their peers. HMCE works diligently to prepare and encourage every delegate to participate actively in committee sessions, author treaties and bills, and give speeches before large groups on complex issues.

After three days of thorough debate, cooperation and hard work, conference delegates will leave with increased confidence and leadership skills, an understanding of the workings of a democracy, improved public speaking skills and a better mastery of English speechmaking.

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