The SIS has now become SIS Paris Ouest : we are present at Boulogne, Chaville, Sèvres and, since September 2018, at Saint-Cloud too!

Founded in 1960 under the auspices of the CIEP (International Centre for Pedagogical studies), the Sections Internationales de Sèvres, Boulogne, Chaville and Saint-Cloud (SIS Paris Ouest) is one of the oldest bilingual international programmes in France. It is a unique collaboration between the national public educational system in France and a private non-profit association. Enrolling your child at SIS gives them the opportunity to learn in a dual educational system from a very young age and prepares them to become internationally-minded citizens capable of adapting to ever-changing global environments!

Thanks to our bicultural curriculum which stimulates the mind and fosters cross cultural awareness through literature and history-geography, our students are introduced to traditions found in francophone, anglophone and germanophone countries. Our goal is to provide our students with quality bilingual classes as well as an education enriched by multicultural and social diversity, based on respecting the ideas of others in order to become responsible citizens equipped for the world of tomorrow.

We accomplish this goal by offering a curriculum which focuses on our students, making them play an active role in the learning process thanks to our internationally-trained teachers and extra-curricular activities such as theatre, chorus, and trips while respecting the requirements of the French educational system. The academics are rigourous and the programme is demanding but our students receive personalised support from our team. Our excellent results on the Baccalauréat combined with over 60 years of experience testify to our ability to successfully blend both programmes.

SIS Paris Ouest is also a family-based education. Parents actively participate in the life of our association and their support is vital to our success. Parents strive to use the languages of our sections at home or offer opportunities for their children to immerse themselves in the language during school vacations or exchanges. Our parents also generously donate their time to our community by organizing or volunteering to help at one of our events.

Our community reflects our globalized world in its diversity, the excellent quality of its students and their families, our multi-national teaching team as well as our administrative staff. Diverse nationalities work and study side-by-side, exchanging ideas, growing together with a common objective of preparing our students to become young professionals ready to make the world their playground.


Claire DRAY

Director SIS Paris Ouest

T : 00 33 (1) 72 77 70 40





Par : Cornell-Pouret le 15/11/2019


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