Primary School

Our Primary School has two programme options: Extension or Integrated. Both programmes offer the same level of language and literacy instruction to children who are fluent in French and English or French and German.

Our Extension programme on Wednesdays gives bilingual children attending other schools the opportunity to immerse themselves in English or German on Wednesday afternoons. Children who are not fluent in French may attend our Wednesday School.

Our Integrated Section programme is incorporated within one of our French public host schools in Sèvres or Boulogne. Students follow the national primary curriculum in French and have classes with SIS teachers twice a week in language and literacy as well as history-geography in accordance to the Ministry of Education. Integrated students must be fluent in French.

Both of our programmes are enriched by our team of multicultural teachers who have been educated and trained in their countries of origin and have had years of experience with students in bilingual environments.
Students may participate in Workshops in English or German on Wednesdays for an additional fee. A wide range of workshops are offered: drama, music, singing, science, art and games. These workshops are open to students in both our Extension and Integrated programmes.
  Extension Programme Integrated Primary
>> consult class equivalency chart From CP (6 yrs old) to CM2 (10 yrs old). SIS also has Preschool classes. From CP (6 yrs old) to CM2 (10 yrs old). SIS does not have integrated Preschool classes.
SIS Classes 3 hours per week on Wednesdays, 30 weeks per year 6 hours per week during the school year, approximately 36 weeks of school

Anglophone & Germanophone Sections :

  • Local school AND 
  • École Gambetta in Sèvres on Wednesday afternoons

Anglophone Section :

  • École Gambetta in Sèvres OR
  • École Point du Jour in Boulogne

Germanophone Section : École Croix Bosset in Sèvres 

Class schedule


  • Anglophone Section : 1:45-4:45 pm
  • Germanophone Section : 9:00 am-12:00 pm
2 half days per week (mornings or afternoons) 
Workshops in the section language*


  • Anglophones : morning
  • Germanophones: 2-5 pm


  • Anglophones: morning
  • Germanophone: 2-5 pm
Programmes Reading, spelling, writing, vocabulary, grammar, oral expression. Classwork is both serious and fun with creative activities. Homework assigned every week. 

Reading, spelling, writing, oral expression. Classwork is both serious and fun with creative activities.  History-Geography and Science also taught in the language of the section in accordance with the French Ministry of National Education. Homework assigned every week.

After CM2

(11 yrs +)

  • Enter 6ème (6th grade) in the International Sections in Sèvres, Chaville or Saint-Cloud (Admission Test required) 
  • Continue with our Wednesday afternoon Extension classes for Secondary level. (no test for current SIS students)

Enter 6ème (6th grade) in the International Sections in Sèvres, Chaville or Saint-Cloud (Admission Test not required unless requested by teacher) 


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* An additional fee is charged for our Workshops on Wednesdays.

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