Play 2020

A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens adapted for SIS by Candida Buxton

Wednesday 4 March and Thursday 5 March at 7:30pm at the Carré Belle-Feuille in Boulogne

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What's it about?

Set in Paris and London during the years 1775-1792, 'A Tale of Two Cities' tells the story of those whose lives have been shattered by the cruelty of the Ancien Régime,  the violence of 'La Terreur', and by the inhumanity of man towards man. 

But it is (above all) a story about love: a story of the love of a father for his daughter; a story of the love of a man for a  woman who can never return it; and, in the end,  a story of what love is truly capable of. 

Poster designed by Florence Armstrong (4e Sèvres)


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