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SIS Paris Ouest is open to bilingual students, offering them a native-language education in English or German through literature, language, cultural values and the history of English and German speaking countries. Students, parents and native-speaking teachers work together to reach this common goal.  Our ambition reaches far beyond just teaching quality native-language classes.

Founded in 1960 under the auspices of the French Ministry of Education, the International Centre for Pedagogical studies (CIEP) and UNESCO, SIS Paris Ouest is one of the oldest international sections in France.

In a convivial and multicultural environment, we are open to both native speaking English or German children, and to children who have spent a major part of their schooling in a local school abroadLike our families, our teachers come from English and German speaking countries around the world.

Our aim is to develop our students’ curiosity for cross-cultural issues and to teach them to compare the values and customs of German and English- speaking countries to finally form their own visionOur goal is to provide an education enriched by multicultural and social diversity, respecting the ideas of others to enable them to flourish and affirm their personality.

We propose 2 types of programmes: one incorporated into school time, called an International Section (1) or Integrated programme; and the other outside of school time (on Wednesdays), called the Extension programme (2)The rhythm is challengingBoth programmes are centred around the student using the educational methods taught in the countries of the sections.

      (1) As an International Section, the Ministry of Education, that regulates this programme, delegates the teaching of 2 subjects to us in English or in German: literature and history-geographyOur native-language teaching complements the classical French curriculum in all the public schools where we are present, from primary to high school.  The students discover the diversity of today’s world through a dual perspective, the French public education view and an international view, both of which are an integral part of their personal background.

Integrated into school time, our teaching is a rare example of collaboration between the French public education system and other European and international systems. For more information on what an international section is,  consultez ce site.

    (2) Our Extension programme offers children attending the schools of their choice, lessons on Wednesdays, outside of school time. It is independent from the Ministry of Education programmes. Our teaching ethics are, however, identical to those of the International Section.

Teaching Staff


Anglophone section

Germanophone section


Anglophone section

  • Head of Literature Department: Stephanie Daly
  • Coordinator History-Geography Department: Jennifer Timmons

Germanophone section

  • Head of Department: Ina Effenkammer
  • Coordinator History-Geography Department: Matthias Ebert







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