Our History

Founded in 1960 under the auspices of the French Ministry of Education, the International Centre for Pedagogical studies and UNESCO, SIS Paris Ouest is one of the oldest bilingual programmes in France.

More than 57 years of experience in providing students with an education based on the history, cultural values and languages of English and German speaking countries in collaboration with the French Ministry of Education.

In 1960, the association opened an English Section for Middle School students, enrolling 95 students from 14 different countries.

  • 1962 : bilingual classes were opened at the High School level,
  • 1979 : German Section was added to the programme.

The initial texts already specified that «The bilingual classes are characterized by their distinctive mindset and way in which they operate. For example, parents play a very active role. This close cooperation enhances the development and well-being of the classes».

The International Option of the French Baccalaureate (OIB) was created.

May 11, 1981 marked a turning point for SIS Paris Ouest. A decree was passed regulating the operation of international sections in France at the primary, middle school and high school levels.

  • 1984 : creation of the International Option of the French Baccalaureate (OIB). Our students successfully passed the exam.
  • 1986 : SIS Paris Ouest opened Primary level Extracurricular classes on Wednesday mornings at the Gambetta Elementary school in Sèvres.  

  • 1995 : first school-based journal was published, written by parents and students. 350 students were enrolled in our Secondary programmes and 210 in our Primary programmes.

A rare collaboration with the French public education system and other European and foreign education systems.

  • 2003 : opened integrated classes at the Jean Moulin Middle School in Chaville as well as German Primary Integrated classes at the Gambetta Elementary school in Sèvres.
  • 2008 : opened English Primary Integrated classes at the Gambetta Elementary school in Sèvres.

  • 2010 : opened English Primary Integrated classes at the Point du Jour Elementary school in Boulogne.

  • 2011: transferred all five levels of Germany Primary Integrated classes to the Croix Bosset Elementary school in Sèvres.

  • 2017: opened Secondary Extension Programme on Wednesday afternoons in Sèvres.

  • 2018: opened lower Secondary classes in two different middle schools in Saint-Cloud.




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