International Option of the French Baccalaureate

OIB: a demanding version of the French Baccalaureate

High school students in their final year can take this challenging and bilingual version of the Bac, commonly referred to as the International Option Baccalaureate (Bac OIB).

This version of the Bac includes all the usual tests from the French Bac and is offered in the three different categories: “L” for the Literary Bac , “ES” for the Economics and Social Sciences Bac and “S” for the Scientific Bac. However, within these three categories, the two tests covering “Modern Language1” and “ History and Geography” are replaced by two written and two oral exams in “Literature” and “History and Geography”, all being administered in the language that the student has been studying. For SIS students, this would be either in English or German.

A student’s success in the Bac OIB confirms his/her excellent knowledge of each language and culture, which will highly facilitate the pursuit of further studies in France or abroad.

The exam

The Bac OIB tests are supervised by the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES) for the English version and the Kultusministerkonferenz for the German version. The two organizations work together in close collaboration with the French Ministry of Education.

For further details on the OIB in English :

  • read the interview with Adrian Barlow, OIB Cambridge Inspector >> ,
  • read the ASIBA handbook about the exam format >>.

To understand the specific features of the German OIB bac,

  • read the article OIB = bac + Abitur, une double délivrance (article in French) >>

The written exams last 4 hours. The oral exams last between 15 and 30 minutes, to which must be added preparation time. Like the other Bac tests, each subject is graded on a scale of 20 with different weighting factors that vary according to the three Bac categories (“L”, “ES” and “S”).

The weighting factors for the OIB subjects are particularly high. Depending on the category taken, they represent between 33% (for “S”) and 38% (for “ES” and “L”) of the final grade obtained for the Bac. For the corresponding French tests, the weighting factors represent between 16% (for “S”) and 22% (for “L” and “ES”). Therefore, the OIB exams require considerable time and effort to prepare, and are geared really for students with the required aptitude.

In the English Section, 80% of our students take the OIB exams and 50% in the German Section. The other students take the French Bac, and possess a great advantage in the language test.

The following table gives the weighting, by category, assigned to each subject of the OIB section of the exam.

Category Total Literature written oral Total History-Geography written oral
L 10 6 4 8 5 3
ES 9 5 4 9 5 4
S 9 5 4 7 4 3


Par : Cornell-Pouret le 25/11/2019


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