SIS Paris Ouest present in Boulogne, Chaville, Saint-Cloud and Sèvres!

SIS Paris Ouest is a non-profit association regulated by the law of 1901.  We are a parents’ association governed by a Board of Directors.

Members of the Board are volunteers.  The duties involved call for a very high level of commitment and time, participating in meetings, working on commissions and organising different events.

The Board is made up of 10 members, elected at the Annual General Meeting for a 3-year mandate.  It is organised as follows:

  • An executive committee comprised of a President, two vice-presidents, a treasurer, a secretary and deputy secretary
  • 4 commissions: HR-Legal, External Communication, Postbac and an Events Pole

The Board works hand-in-hand with the Director and her teams, who ensure the implementation of the strategies and actions defined by the Board.

The administrative and teaching teams are all employees of the association which is financed by the tuition fees.

The International Section programme is supervised by the French authorities, respecting the rules and procedures of all the public schools where our association is present.  The authorities involved are the inspectors at Primary level and the Heads at Middle and High School levels.

Parents take active role in the life of the association: the events

The association has developed and prospered thanks to our committed parent volunteers.  This commitment includes encouraging their children to speak English or German at home, giving them the opportunity to go abroad and getting them to read in English or German.

Parents work tirelessly to ensure that SIS Paris Ouest is an exciting and innovative place to be.  Throughout the year you will have opportunities to meet, share and exchange with different parents during the many events organised.  As a member of the association, you agree to volunteer 3 hours of your time per year.

Parents volunteer for one of our events : speaking at conferences and assemblies, welcoming new parents, talking with students at career fairs as well as organising the Garden Party, the Wine & Käse evening and helping out with the plays that the teachers present, to mention but a few.

For more information, please contact

If you are members of the association, sign up to lead or co-organise an SIS event.  The organisers from previous years can provide you with all the necessary information.  Ideas, suggestions, comments ? They’re all welcome.

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Par : Cornell-Pouret le 13/09/2021

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