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Our SIS advisers provide support and assistance for students seeking higher education in Canada, the UK or in the USA. A wide range of resources, informational meetings and application assistance is offered to help our students find the undergraduate degree programmes best suited to their academic profile and interests. 

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Timeline for preparing an application to universities

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Canadian Universities

SIS Contact Stephanie Daly, Louise Lamb &  Rebecca Loxton Jennifer Timmons  Stephanie Daly
Fall Term Families attend workshop : Matinée Post-bac: how to begin planning for post-bac studies.

Option : MyCareerChoices test

Families attend workshop : Matinée Post-bac: how to begin planning for post-bac studies. 

Option : MyCareerChoices test. 

Option : SAT/ACT diagnostic with Bespoke

Families attend workshop : Matinée Post-bac: how to begin planning for post-bac studies.

Option : MyCareerChoices test

Spring Term   • Decide whether you will take the SAT or ACT and begin studying and/or taking classes with Bespoke
• Attend meeting: "On Track for the USA".
Fall Term

Matinée Post-Bac : Researching Universities and Choosing the Right Courses in the UK, EU, Canada & USA 

Matinée Post-Bac : Researching Universities and Choosing the Right Courses in the UK, EU, Canada & USA

Study in the USA : Presentation with A+ College Coaching about researching American universities and information from Bespoke Education. 

Option : take PSAT

Matinée Post-Bac : Researching Universities and Choosing the Right Courses in the UK, EU, Canada & USA
Winter/Spring : Terms
  • Research courses and universities
  • Visit universities
  • Taster Course Programmes
  • Open Days

• Take the SAT or ACT

• Compile preliminary list of colleges

February/March Selection of Oxbridge Candidates  Students may need to take the Toefl Students may need to take the Toefl
May Register for UCAS Advising • Register for USA Applications Support
• Meeting with our US College Coordinator.
Register for Canadian Applications Support
May Workshop for registered students : Writing the Personal Statement 

• Workshop : writing essays for US college applications.

• Begin essays, write brag sheet, transcribe transcripts from 3e to 1ere and check for financial aid deadlines. 

September/October Students assigned a UCAS Tutor to help with drafting Personal Statement, choice of courses and universities, and collect teachers’ comments for personalised reference.

• Individual meeting with SIS college coordinator,

• Collect teacher recommendations and comments as needed.

• Continue completing Common App or other applications to colleges and apply for scholarships.

• Early Action or Early Decision application deadlines

October/November Early October Deadline for all Oxbridge, Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Sciences Applications

• Retake the SAT or ACT

• Take SAT 2 / Subject tests 

Workshop for registered students : The Application Process for Canadian Universities
December Internal Deadline for all applications through UCAS Internal DEADLINE for application Internal Deadline for applications

Offers made by universities

Some students may need IELTS language test

Replies from universities end of March and in April Replies from universities
July Potential negotiations on offers following final Bac results

Submit final report and/or Bac results for advance credit.

Submit certified transcripts to university

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Agenda Post-bac

Join our webinars or in-person meetings:

28 September 2022: 17:00

Applying to Canadian Universities: Registered Te students

1 October 2022: 10:30

Webinar: Matinée Post-bac for PREMIERES
Students and their parents should attend this presentation by the SIS advising team focused on preparing successful applications to universities abroad during this critcal year in the post-bac process. 

13 October 2022

In-class visit from Unifrog for Secondes
(University courses and careers platform)

29 October 2022: 10-15:30

University of Amsterdam Online Open House

16 November 2022: 19:30

Webinar: University of Toronto
(for SIS students)

17 November 2022: 18:00

King's College London (webinar link)
(for SIS students)

19 November 2022: 10:30

Matinée Post-bac for SECONDES (webinar link)
An introduction to international university entrance and how the SIS Advisory team helps students throughout all the stages of preparing for successful applications - from careers orientation to choosing the right ‘specialités' in Première and learning about university admission requirements. 

24 November 2022: 19:00

Study in the USA (webinar link)
2e and 1e students and parents

25-26 novembre 2022 

Forum franco-allemand à Strasbourg

26 November 2022: 10:00

University College London - UCL (webinar link)
(for SIS students)

30 November 2022 : 19:00

University of Bath (webinar link)
(for SIS students)

3 December 2022 : 10:30-12:00

Webinaire : Comment préparer une candidature pour Sciences Po
Conférence présentée par IPESUP
Inscrivez-vous ici
(1e et Te)

6 décembre 2022:18h 

Faire des études en Allemagne
Lycée, Bât D 210

7 December 2022:17h 

EU University Consortium:
Bocconi University Milan, Brussels School of Governance,
IE University Madrid, EHL Switzerland

12-15 décembre 2022 

Orientation post-bac individuelle avec une conseillère d'Allemagne

12 December 2022 : 19:00

Concordia University, Montréal CA (webinar link)

15 décembre 2022 : 17:30-19:30

Forum des Anciens
Bât A Lycée

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