Anglophone Section High School

Our High School Anglophone Section students are placed into two groups : OIB and Cambridge. The majority of our students are placed in the OIB group, however placement is determined by academic results as well as linguistic assessments. The OIB curriculum begins in Year 12 (Première) which allows Cambridge students the opportunity to join the OIB group at the end of Year 11 (Seconde), if their end of year results show sufficient potential. This decision will be made by their SIS teachers by the third term 'conseil de class'.  The Cambridge group is limited to 15 students and only in exceptional cases do we consider a change from the OIB to the Cambridge group.


High School : Seconde, Première et Terminale
   OIB Group Cambridge Group

BAC Général ES, L or S with International Option, British section

Bac Général ES, L or S 
Additional Exams

IGCSE first Language and Literature in 2nde

>> more about IGCSE

IGCSE first Language and Literature in Première 

SIS History & Geography classes

2h per week in 2nde, then 4h in 1 ère and Terminale  2h per week

SIS Literature classes

4h per week 

Tuition  >> read more
Admission Entrance test  >> read more

>> Level Equivalency chart

>> History & Geography curriculum


>> OIB Language & Literature curriculum


>> Cambridge Group curriculum



Par : C.Dray le 10/12/2018



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