During the last three years of high school, our team of native language speaking teachers develop our students’ analytical and critical thinking skills while preparing them for the OIB examinations (Option Internationale du Baccalauréat - British or German option) which certifies bilingual proficiency and bicultural immersion. By the time they graduate, our students have developed a well thought-out higher education plan and have acquired the ability to adapt to the ever-changing global environment. 

Our programmes foster intellectual development and cultural enrichment while furthering our students’ knowledge of literature, language and geography as well as the historical heritage of  English or German - speaking countries. Our pedagogy stems from teaching methods taught in these same countries thanks to our multicultural team of teachers who hold degrees and teaching certification from their home system. The linguistic level of our curriculum is comparable to the equivalent year programmes in the UK or Germany.

Our programme is incorporated within our French public host school in Sèvres. Students attend the Lycée JP Vernant on a full-time basis and follow the national curriculum which is considered to be one of the most complete and challenging worldwide. In addition, our students have 6 to 8  hours of class with SIS teachers.  Therefore, students must be able to handle an increased workload and demonstrate a personal motivation to invest in a rigorous academic programme.


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OIB Exam (Option Internationale du Baccalauréat)

At the end of Year 11 (10th grade), the majority of our students choose to prepare for the OIB exam, a curriculum in Literature and History-Geography that is taught to A Level standard in the UK or Hochschulreife standard in Germany. The two-year programme combines the rigour of the French Baccalaureate with the two extra subjects, taught in English or German. The OIB exam is jointly certified by the French Education Nationale and Cambridge International Examinations (UK) or the German Ministry of Education, and validates the highest certification of fluency at the end of the Secondary level in France. Students follow the French Baccalaureate curriculum in all other subjects concurrently with this highly competitive international British or German option.

Students who succeed in this dual curriculum develop a capacity for hard work, and acquire an intellectual and cultural flexibility that gives them the potential to become excellent undergraduates in the UK, France, Germany and further abroad. International Option candidates are not just fluent in at least two languages – they become expert learners, able to negotiate and adapt to different teaching methods and cultures. Our students develop skills of autonomy, resiliency, independent and critical thinking, qualities which prepare them for the challenges of university and the world of tomorrow. 

Our students are prepared in the best possible conditions, encouraged by their teachers and the International Section Director, who are committed to helping them succeed. Mock exams are regularly organised and students may participate in a wide range of skills workshops after class. In Year 13 (12th grade), our OIB students participate in an intensive four-day training session outside of Paris with their teachers after the Easter holidays. This trip allows them to work in small groups as well as individually in order to concentrate on the upcoming OIB exam.  It is also an excellent way of consolidating the high school curriculum as attested by our excellent exam results with 90% of our students passing with honours.


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