Our four-year Middle School programme aims to make students more independent and self-starters by placing them at the centre of the learning process. Small groups with a maximum of 20 students allow SIS teachers to use an interactive pedagogical approach based on positive encouragement to develop critical thinking and intellectual inquiry

We offer 2 types of programmes for bilingual children: Integrated and Wednesday School. Both programmes are taught by native speaking teachers who have been trained and certified in Anglophone or Germanophone countries. 

Integrated Programme students are enrolled full-time in one of our French public host schools Collège Gounod (Saint-Cloud), Collège Verhaeren (Saint-Cloud) or Collège de Sèvres. Our classes follow the dual curriculum established by the French Education Ministry for International Sections. This dual curriculum provides a unique opportunity for students to be educated in both English (20%) and French (80%) or German (20%) and French (80%) at a native-speaking level and follow the national French curriculum with teaching staff employed by the French national education system.  

Integrated students have 4 hours of class in Language-Literature and 2 hours of class in History-Geography with SIS teachers who follow a curriculum mapped to the educational frameworks of the UK or Germany. The History-Geography curriculum also parallels the French national curriculum which encourages critical reasoning. This dual curriculum is both challenging and rewarding, requiring extra academic investment and personal motivation.

Our Wednesday programme allows students who are enrolled full-time at public or private schools of their choice, to develop, maintain and consolidate their English or German language literary skills and oral expression at the rate of native speakers. Students have 3 hours of class on Wednesday afternoons in Sèvres, allowing them to develop confidence in biculturalism and prepare for internationally recognised school certificates.


>>CLASSES see level equivalency chart Integrated Wednesday School
Class Levels 6e - 5e - 4e - 3e
(Years 7-8-9-10)
6e - 5e - 4e (Years 7, 8 and 9)Anglophone Section
SIS Language-Literature classes

4 hours per week

3 hours per week on Wednesday afternoons (13:45-16:45)
SIS History-Geography classes 2 hours per week no classes
Sites : Anglophone Section  Collège de Sèvres
Collège Gounod & Collège Verhaeren in Saint-Cloud
Ecole Gambetta Sèvres
Sites : Germanophone Section Collège de Sèvres  
Evaluations :  Anglophone Section

In L&L :

Cambridge Secondary 1 (Checkpoint in 5e)

IGCSE First language in 3e

In Hist & Geo : Common Assessment every year

Brevet (DNB) with British International Option

Cambridge Secondary 1 (Checkpoint in 5e)
Evaluations :  Germanophone Section Brevet (DNB) with German International Option  
LV2 - (foreign language) starting in 6e
Anglophone Section (Education nationale teachers)
German at all sites  
LV2 - (foreign language) starting in 6e Germanophone (Education nationale teachers) English  
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