Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of SIS is made up of 10 volunteer parents who are elected during the Annual General Meeting of the association. Each board member is elected for a period of three years and is eligible for re-election. 

As in many schools, the SIS Board of Directors is responsible for the long-term viability of the school, financial oversight and strategy rather than the daily administrative work which is handled by the staff. The Board works closely with Head of School, Claire Dray, to ensure that SIS continues to serve the needs of its community and that it fulfills its mission of preparing international section students for personal and academic success. Each member is responsible for a commission, project or event and must regularly attend our monthly board meetings.  

After the AGM at the beginning of the school year, an executive committee is appointed : 

  • President :  Matthieu Moussy
  • Vice Presidents : Nicola Kömpf-Cabon and Ilona Scherk 
  • Treasurer : Frédéric Dioré
  • Secretary : Sophie Arranz; under-secretary Jeanne Tommasini

Our board members are organized into several task forces : 

External Communications

  • Nicola Hanauer

Volunteers and Events,

  • Emma Hanlon
  • Aurélie Duret

 Alumni and Post-secondary Educational opportunities

  • Jeanne Tommasini
  • Elsa Cardarelli


Par : C.Dray le 29/11/2018


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