Our Community is also enriched by our Alumni. We are extraordinarily proud to have educated and graduated individuals who have gone on to successful careers in diverse fields and who create a global community of SIS Alumni. We strive to remain connected with former students, their parents and former teachers. If haven’t joined our Alumni network then please sign up below

Join our Alumni network

In order to keep in touch with our Alumni, we have created a special SIS Linked-In group. Keep in touch with school news and reach out to other members of the community. 

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We hope you will attend 

  • University Fair : 

Every year before the December holidays, we organize a university fair for our high school students. Our alumni are invited to represent their universities and schools in France and abroad in order to help our current students understand the myriad of opportunities that await them after graduation.  This unique opportunity is also a great way for alumni to reconnect with former school friends. 

If you would like to participate in our next University Fair, please contact

  • Graduation Ceremony :

At the beginning of July as soon as the official exam results are received, SIS hosts a Graduation Ceremony followed by a Senior Prom in the Anglo-saxon tradition. SIS teachers, students and their families celebrate the end of Secondary School with speeches, diplomas and a moving graduation ceremony. The Yearbook committee works hard to compile and publish a souvenir album full of photos, articles and creative writing extracts from the graduating class for the event. The Seniors then dance the night away at the Senior Prom. All

SIS Alumni are welcome to attend our annual Graduation ceremony.



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