Admissions rentrée 2020

We are still accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Concerning Preschool and Primary School: there are spaces still available in our GS, CP and CE1 groups in our Primary Extension Programme on Wednesday afternoons. There is also 1 spot in our CE1 integrated class in Boulogne. These English literacy classes are taught by qualified native-speaker teachers for children who are fluent in English.

Visit our Admissions Procedure page to find out more about our requirements or email:

Section anglophone

Section germanophone

Nos équipes travaillent à distance actuellement, mais les inscriptions pour l’année scolaire 2020-2021 sont toujours ouvertes. Pour plus de renseignement, visitez notre page Procédure d’admissions ou contactez par mail :

Section anglophone

Section germanophone

Par : Cornell-Pouret le 06/07/2020


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We are still accepting applications

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